Quotes and Quote Totals

Our quotes and quote totals are subject to change once we arrive at your home. Any add on services or rooms not included in your quote that are completed while our team is at your home is subject to additional fees.

As an example, if you have a four bedroom, three bath home, but book for a four bedroom, three bath home where a fifth bedroom has been made into an office, the fourth bedroom/office would be added to your final service fee before you are charged. Likewise, if you ask our team to complete one of our many add-on services, such as inside the refrigerator, inside the oven, etc, those additional services are subject to additional fees.

Recleaning Policy

We are happy to reclean your home if you feel as though our service did not meet your standards. Please contact us immediately to reschedule your clean. Our team will return within 24 to 48 hours.

Bugs & Other Unwelcome Guests

While we understand that wildlife may unexpectedly make their home in yours, for the safety of our clients, we do not service homes that are currently fighting the good fight with pests such as cockroaches, bed bugs or fleas. We reserve the right to refuse to clean homes that are currently waging war on these uninvited guests – unless it’s your mother-in-law. We’re sure you want us to help you be clean for that.

Please note that we may charge a $75 cancellation fee for rebookings or cancellations due to unexpected pests.

Weapons & Other Scary Things

We love that you’re protecting your home, but our cleaning teams are a little squemish when it comes to visible defense tools such as guns or unusual knives. Some of our teams may work around them, but they will not lift, touch or clean any surface that is currently occupied by a weapon. For that reason, please make sure that all of your weapons are secured before our teams arrive.

We reserve the right to rebook or cancel your cleaning should our team feel uncomfortable. Please note that we may charge a $75 cancellation fee for rebookings due to weapons.

Refusal, No Entry or Last Minute Cancellations

If our team is unable to access your property or are turned away at the door, we will charge a $75 cancellation fee.

We Love Our Team

We love our team and ask that you treat them with courtesy while they are in your home. We allow any of our teams that are feeling uncomfortable or threatened to leave.